embodied learning: the idea that the body and mind act together to support sustainable, engaged learning.

emergent learning: creative curiosity fuels this system as it is integrated within the flow of learning; this is an active process of creating, selecting/curating information and refining a system based on past iterations. 

about:  We are practicing artists, educators and researchers dedicated to the development of embodied and emergent learning.  Since 2008, as a way to further creativity as teachers and artists, Kai Kleinbard and Cori Olinghouse formed a research initiative to understand how efficient learning, and creativity are enhanced by developing a deep awareness of the unity of mind and body and allowing the flow of curiosity and imagination to guide an emergent practice.  Follow this link to a selection of some of our current projects.  Please feel free to explore the methodologies (by clicking here) and the educational services we offer (by clicking here).


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