RESEARCH NOTES: using quotations

RESEARCH NOTES: using quotations in Essay writing for early writers

In working with a number of students on writing, using quotations effectively can be challenging, Often students “plunk” the quotation directly into their paper without adequately giving context or analyzing the quotations.

quotation sandwich

When inserting s quotation into an essay it should have 3 parts: 1) Context 2)Quotation 3) Analysis

There are three parts to any quotation:
1) CONTEXT: introduce the quote, describing where it’s from and smoothly integrating the quotation into your essay.
2) QUOTATION: add in the quotation itself. Some teachers appreciate that the quotation flows directly from the student writing:

Blueberries are healthy. “A handful of blueberries have a as much vitamin C as 2 cups of Orange Juice” {NY TIMES}.

The body should integrate the quote into their paragraphs:

Blueberries are healthy; in fact, the NY TIMES reports that “a handful of blueberries” had “as much Vitamin C as 2 cups of orange juice” {NY TIMES}.

3) ANALYSIS: link the quotation back to the main topic of the essay.


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