RESEARCH NOTES: helping kids sense time, write with more details and work with word problems

Some students run into ruts, because they don’t understand what the question is asking. Have them write an answer system that translates the question directly into an answer sentence.

For example:
How many total hats does the lady have? Would be translated into “The lady has ____ total hats.”

It will be helpful for the student to translate the question into his own words–he can practice this out loud when working with a parent.


On sensing time, I’d recommend getting an analog watch for the student to wear. Then, I’d use a larger analog watch near where he does HW, and wherever you need him to be aware of time [by the TV, in his room, etc.]. The reason for an analog watch [with minute, hour, second hands] is that it gives young people a volumetric sense of time — it shows time as a changing length. There are also special clocks for ADHD kids that push this idea: Timers to help kids sense -

Student that have difficulty editing their writing will have an easier time when it’s on the computer. I highly recommend encouraging him to write on a computer/tablet when possible. Or, after he hand-writes something, type it up for him on a computer, and then have Hayden edit it. He’s more open to editing his writing digitally, because it can be easy moved around.




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