RESEARCH NOTES: linking Tai Chi Push hands and EF [executive functioning]


I was recently reading “Taichichuan Ching” by Chang San-Feng. He was describing how a practitioner studies the artof tai chi. One of his lines resonated with me: “By making a small mistake, you may go wrong by a thousand miles.” I often find in my tai chi practice, how one small mistake, such as angling my foot in a certain way, can disrupt my whole physical equilibrium. I might try for days to change other areas of my body as I do the form, however, without bringing the foot into the correct angle, I am stuck.

In working with children with executive functioning challenges, small mistakes can create major headaches. For example, a student might do incredible work writing an essay, however, she may forget to include her bibliography at the end. The teacher might then deduct 15 points, bringing her score from an A to a C. Small things can equate to big results. On the other hand, a student might write a mediocre paper, however, she makes sure to include all the requirements. She may get a better grade than the student that wrote the stunning paper. As an EF coach, my job is to help kids identify the little [but sometimes big] things that make major differences in their performance.


Kai [executive functioning and Alexander Technique coaching]

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