RESEARCH NOTES: creating a HW routine for young children
I have fun making HW checklist [linked here]. for young children. We make them together and sources images from the web. They describe what they need to do and then we make a visually compelling checklist.  Parents can feel free to add anything new. This should be placed where the child’s other checklists are at home and additionally taped into his main folder. 
I’ve been using a timer on a tablet with students to help them keep focused for period of time. Usually after about 10 minutes young children may have difficulty staying on task. At that point, I’ll have them walk around a few moments and then come back to work. I find that the student gets more done, if I break up the time and he or she can see the timer moving. This is a great simple VISUAL timer app [linked – I like that it shows time as a volume]. PS – turn off the ticking noise using the little gears. [Let me know if you need ANDROID version:) ].
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