RESEARCH NOTES: preparing for next school year before the previous year finishes

As students pack up their lockers, desks and parents settle in for Summer, there are things to consider doing before school finally lets out. If the child has had  a very successful year, consider reaching out to his  teachers and see if they will remain on for the student next year. If not, [which will be most likely], ask the teachers if there will be any coordination with his school’s faculty between this year and next. It would be great if the student’s current  crop of teachers could share some info to next years’ group so that they understand how to support him.

If the year has not gone well, see if you can obtain information regarding his teachers for the next year.  Are there any parents with older siblings that have had experiences with the upcoming teacher group? Obtain all the information possible and see if you can curate the group of teachers that work with your child by reaching out toe the school’s administration. It also is helpful to preview the teachers and identify if your child should do some Summer prep work.

Depending on how your child did during the year, consider how next year can be different. It might be helpful to try out a few different tutors, executive functioning coaches, etc. before the year ends so that the student has a strong start the following year.

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