Examples of student notetaking

Examples of student notetaking

Notetaking can be difficulty for many young learners. It’s hard for them to multitask, both listen to the lecture, watch the board, track all the other things happening in class, while taking notes. Here are some examples of student notes from a wonderful teacher at a nearby school. She sent me these notes to show some of the ways her students note-take during lessons.


I appreciate the variations. There is no “right” way to take notes. Some kids are more visual, others use writing or charts.  It’s important that the children find a system that works for them. Many children with ADHD need note-taking helpers such as audio devices, handouts that prompt them when to fill in notes, etc.

Notes are generally most successful when the information can be presented in a hierarchical form – that is, title at the top [date as well] and then there is a clear order of importance with the notes.


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