visualizing learning resources

Artistic Process

I build freestyle languages that are influenced by my work with improvisation and vernacular dance. These “languages” are meant to be adaptive forms that respond to stimuli (whether it be sound/music, other people–anything in the environment real or imagined).

Generally, my process involves taking a specific image, say a robot or even more specifically, Ed 209, a malfunctioning police robot from “Robocop.” I then begin to break down the mechanics/the physics of the image’s movement patterns. I try to understand how the image utilizes weight, time, space and flow in order to mimick the physics of the image within my body. Once I’ve interpreted the image’s “physics,” I create a set of movement parameters; within this frame, I have unlimited movement possibilities. Eventually, I layer in behaviors, creating a character that can be combined with other freestyle languages that I’ve developed.

In this process of building adaptive languages, I utilize an emergent creative practice. This allows me to track my interests, explore/build with them, and to make choices about what works and what is less effective.