Kai Kleinbard

fionna_lineart_free_use__by_chocomax-d5bppbp.pngBorn and raised in Brooklyn, Kai Kleinbard is an AmSAT certified Alexander Technique teacher and has over a decade of experience as an academic learning specialist working with many of NYC’s top schools, including Packer, Saint Ann’s, Poly Prep, PS 321 and others.   He is also a certified mediator and focuses on helping young learners at conflict with their education.  Kai is a practicing artist/choreographer and martial artist. Since 2008, he has been conducting research on learning through creative and embodiment practiced within the framework of his tu coaching company, the bodyLITERATE. In addition, he is co-founder of the bodyLITERATE Research Initiative in partnership with artist and teacher, Cori Olinghouse.

Kai Kleinbard’s teaching practice is geared towards children. Kai works extensively with people with learning differences (including those with executive functioning issues and ADHD) in the academics and in movement. His work is focused on helping people become more embodied in their learning. Kai also works with athletes, including martial artists, basketball/baseball players, dancers and runners.

Below is an excerpt of some of Kai’s artistic work.  He is an active movement-based artists and creates “live animations” that are inspired by stop motion, re-wound and fast-forwarded video.  More information on his art work can be found here.